Monthly Archives: May 2021

Vilnius, Lithuania built a ‘portal’ to another city to help keep people connected

Weary of pandemic travel restrictions and aching to get out and see new people? The city of Vilnius, Lithuania has interesting solution: A real-time “portal” to another city. They really went all-in on the idea and the design; it looks quite a bit like something out of the erstwhile sci-fi movie/show Stargate. The city installed […]

US soldiers reportedly leaked nuclear info online accidentally, by using flashcard apps

US soldiers stationed in Europe may have accidentally exposed information about the United States’ nuclear weapons stockpile when they used flashcard apps to help them remember details about the information, according to a report from open-source intelligence outlet Bellingcat. Foeke Postma, a researcher with Bellingcat, wrote that the soldiers used study apps such as Chegg, […]

Elizabeth Holmes’ lawyers want to know how often jurors blog

The lawyers of Elizabeth Holmes, ex-CEO of disgraced blood testing startup Theranos, have 112 questions for prospective jurors at Holmes’ fraud trial — including how often they check social media and whether they subscribe to Netflix. As The Wall Street Journal reported, Holmes’ attorneys have just filed a proposed jury questionnaire for her upcoming fraud […]

Instacart’s new 30-minute deliveries are sure to be a headache for workers

In the crowded food- and grocery-delivery space, Instacart is hoping that shaving off a few minutes makes all the difference. To that end, it’s creating a new “priority delivery” option that debuts today in select markets and promises to have orders fulfilled in “as fast as 30 minutes.” While 45- and 60-minute deliveries are already […]

Google Photos finally stops pretending its compressed photos are ‘high quality’

Are you planning to stick with Google Photos when its free unlimited storage disappears on June 1st? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably still struggling to figure out whether you can afford to procrastinate that decision a little bit longer — and today, Google has made that reckoning a little bit easier. First off, […]