TikTok confirms the app is ‘experiencing some issues’

The TikTok app is currently “experiencing some issues,” according to the app’s support account on Twitter. The app’s team is “working quickly to address” the problems.

The problem appears to be fairly widespread, with more than 40,000 user reports of problems on DownDetector at one point.

Personally, I can’t log in to the app on either the web or my phone. When I try, I get this message, which feels like it is downplaying the issue: “There is a small problem with the server, fixing it now.”

There are also many people on Twitter reporting that TikTok is down for them, with a lot of people posting using the #tiktokdown hashtag. I gotta say, the memes on this hashtag are pretty good — if you’re looking for something to do instead of hang out on TikTok, scrolling the Twitter posts about the service being down might be a fun alternative.

TikTok didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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