Intruder Alert! Help Super Chewer Defend Dogkind From October’s Theme: Invasion Of The Megabites

GREETINGS, DOG PEOPLE! We have ours snoots to the ground tracking down your #SuperChewer content! SHOW đź‘Ź OFF đź‘Ź THOSE đź‘Ź PUPPERS! đź‘Ź Please, we live vicariously through your dogs—send us your #SuperChewer pics, vids, TikToks, and smoke signals to keep us going! (Seriously, we love it.) This fall, Super Chewer is gearing up for […]

National Drone Safety Awareness Week Nov. 16-22

Next week, November 16-22 2020, is the second annual National Drone Safety Awareness Week.  Sponsored by the FAA, this is a week long opportunity to help create a drone community with high standards of safety and professionalism.  This year’s event is completely virtual – and there are many ways that you and your organization can […]

What People Think About Drones: New Study

“Comments on the acceptance of the operation of drones were split between negative feedback, mainly due to privacy and noise concerns, and the understanding of the potential improvements it could offer to emergency responders, to a lesser extent.” What people think about drones for public safety and first response applications is important: most communities are […]

The Peanut Butter Pinecone Play Hack Your Dog Wants You To Try This Fall

Introducing Super Chewer Play Hacks: A series where we show you how to take your toys to a whole other level and challenge your dog in new, exciting ways. You can sign up here to get two multi-functional toys, two bags of healthy treats, and two meaty chews delivered to your door each month. Learn how to make your dog’s toys […]

Leave The Cooking To Your Dog This Year In November’s Dogsgiving BarkBox

Deck the dog bowl this Food-Dropped-On-The-Floor-Day with all the squeaky, crinkly, fluff-stuffed delicacies your dogs (think you) dream about. The only thing that could make Dogsgiving better? Spending it with YOU. Sign up here to get your Dogsgiving BarkBox this November! Set the table with two themed toys, designed by our talented in-house team, two […]

On The Lighter Side: Can Anyone Really Can Fly A Drone? (Video)

July 31, 2020 by Harry McNabb Leave a Comment Proof it is true what they say,  anyone really can fly one. Drone — Figen.. (@TheFigensezgin) July 27, 2020 Related Filed Under: Aerial Video and Photography, Commercial Drones, Consumer Drones, General Tagged With: Chimp flying a drone Reader Interactions You must log in to post […]

Drones Big Agriculture

August 2, 2020 by Harry McNabb Leave a Comment Drones have been used in agriculture for an number of years.    This video  shows us agriculture on a scale that most of us do not see very often.   Beautiful drone viewing new age farming…. — Om M (@OxomiyaDhulia) August 2, 2020 Related Filed […]

Capture of a Spacecraft Via Net (Video)

August 20, 2020 by Harry McNabb Leave a Comment Aloha, welcome back from space 💫 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) August 18, 2020 Related Filed Under: Aerial Video and Photography, Drone Technology, General, News, Photography / Videography Tagged With: Elton Musk landing Reader Interactions You must log in to post a comment. Source link

Security Drones Easy Aerial’s SAMS-T-MINI

The market for security drones is getting bigger all the time – and providers are developing solutions that are smarter, lighter, and more autonomous.  Today, U.S.-based Easy Aerial  introduced the newest in their portfolio of Smart Aerial Monitoring Systems (SAMS): the SAMS-T-MINI. Monitoring a secure site requires long endurance – and tethered drones support 24 hour […]